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Sort of the Rings
January 17th - February 22nd
This is our winter "Tolkien" comedy. Get it? Tolkien? Written by Rob MacArthur, this show follows the tale of Hobbits and their sometimes less-than-helpful Middle Earth guides in a journey filled with adventure for the hairy-footed creatures and their friends; fun for the whole family.

The Wicked Wizard of Ahhs
March 7th - April 12th
One of the most successful Broadway shows ever written . . . this is not that. However, this comedy spoof by Eric R. Jensen is a hilarious adaptation of the Wizard of Oz, with elements of a Broadway musical mixed in. Back by popular demand.

American Captain: The First to Avenge
April 25th - May 31st
Like superheroes? Like adventures? Like Nazis? Oooh . . . scratch that last one. This comical parody tells the story of America's first man-made superhero on his quest to make the world safe from tyranny. Written by Mike Brown, co-writer and director of last year's hit Doctor U.

Anni of Aquamarine Gables
June 13th - July 19th
When Sarsaparilla and Cashew Colbert take in an orphan to help them on their Utah farm, they have no idea what they're in for. Can she save the farm? Can she cure the croup? Can she do simple math? A good-natured spoof of L.M. Montgomery's classic tale, written by Jeff Driggs.

Downton Dead
August 1st - September 6th
What happens when the characters from an upper class family of aristocrats collide with a zombie apocalypse? Hilarity! Written by Rusty & Sunny Bringhurst and Eric R. Jensen this unique twist on two of the most popular and iconic TV series of our time is coming live to the OBT stage for your amusement! You'll laugh yourself dead!

Dracula vs the Mummy
September 26th – November 1st
After years of request and curiosity, playwright Eric R. Jensen has just penned the most anticipated Dracula play since Y-Light. The fanged count battles another undead monster who is all wrapped up in his goal of capturing the people of Salt Lake City.

The X-mas Men
November 21st – December 27th
The evil Jack Frost plans to take over Santa's magic snowball, to give coal to good children and presents to bad ones. Luckily, the X-Mas Men are here to save the day and bring heroic yuletide cheer this holiday season. Written by Eric R. Jensen.

Laughing Stock Improv Comedy
Utah's longest running improv comedy troupe, performs every Friday and Saturday night @ 10:00pm. Check our website >>>


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